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How a Q Credit Cash Loan Can Help You


How can a cash loan help me?

A cash loan can help you when money is tight. You can pay a bill on time to avoid a late fee, cover an unexpected expense, get your car repaired, take care of a medical expense or purchase something your family needs. A cash loan usually funds within a day, and requires little hassle or stress. Cash loans are quick, simple and convenient solutions that offer financial assistance while helping you avoid the costs of late payments or bounced checks.

Getting a cash loan from Q Credit is easy and fast, and you don’t even have to leave your house. Simply apply online, get near-instant approval, and your loan funds can be deposited into your checking account by the following business banking day.* Our upfront terms are clear and straightforward, so you know what the loan will cost and can budget accordingly. Interest on a cash loan can be high, so we encourage you to pay off your loan as soon as possible. We never charge a fee for paying off your loan early.

The number and actual size of your payments depends on the amount of your loan and the frequency of your repayment schedule. To make the payment process easier, the payment schedule will be adjusted to match the frequency of your paychecks. For example: if you are paid every two weeks, the loan payments will be due every two weeks. If you are paid monthly, the loan payment would be required only once per month. This feature helps you to stay current with your loan and avoid late or missed payments.

Automatic payments can also save you the time and expense of writing out checks and remembering to mail them in time. If you choose automatic payments, the amount will automatically be deducted on the payment due date. Many people choose automatic payment processing to prevent any interruption that might cause extra charges or fees.